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New Build Architects Essex

Crow’s Farm,
Chelmsford, Essex 2023

As specialist new-build architects in Essex we are delighted to present Crow’s Farm, the first phase of a boutique housing development featuring three new-build homes organised around a giant ancient oak tree. Located on the rural fringes of Chelmsford, Essex, these houses look out onto the surrounding farmland and are designed to be largely energy self-sufficient.

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New Build Architects Essex

Rural Infill Housing

The existing rural site, located just outside Chelmsford in Essex, offered an “in-fill” opportunity to create some new housing on a plot of land between a Grade II Listed farmhouse and the more recent housing on the city periphery.

New Build Architects Essex

Houses Designed Around an Oak Tree

The site is dominated by a giant ancient oak around which the scheme was planned. The houses range between 2 and 4 storeys and have between 4 and 6 double bedrooms each, all with integrated parking garages.

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New Build Architects Essex

Energy Efficient

The main ambition for this development was to create market housing that incorporated the latest energy-efficient technology to ensure that the houses had minimal environmental impact. Each utilises a combination of air-source heat pump and photovoltaic panels to provide heating and generate energy. Coupled with an array of Tesla batteries and integrated MVHR systems, these homes effectively offer ate “off-grid”.

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New Build Architects Essex

Simple Palette, Traditional Detailing

We used natural materials and traditional detailing throughout with a simple palette of handmade local bricks, clay roof tiles, sand cement render and timber cladding.

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Anthro Architecture

Project Credits

Location: Crow’s Farm, Chelmsford, Essex

Client: Private Developer

Planning Consultant: Smart Planning (

Photography: Matthew Smith (